Bono’s Story

The story of Pizza Bono starts in Cosenza, in Italy’s southernmost province of Calabria. A young Saverio Minardi, working in restaurants in his hometown, didn’t have any idea he would one day be running his own far from his ancestral home.

During his required year of service in the Italian military, Saverio met a young Air Force woman named Pam.  After a whirlwind romance, the orders came down for Pam to be restationed at the Plattsburgh Air Force base.  Along the way the two created not only Pizza Bono, Woodstock’s, and Giovanni’s but three beautiful children.  Now 27 years later the Minardi’s still operate Pizza Bono, bringing the taste of Italy to Downtown Plattsburgh for starved students, hungry tourists and aficionados of his fine Italian fare since 1991.

His latest venture, the neighboring Bono Lounge is a full service restaurant by day and a full fledged bar and nightclub at night.